Handmade Candles

We use 100% PURE PALM WAX, allowing these handmade candles to be the cleanest burning candles on the market. The palm wax we use is made from food grade palm oil. We only work with palm oil from plantations that are certified for using only sustainable agricultural practices.

Palm wax candles are very hard, smooth and dry. They can withstand summer heat without bending or melting and don’t have an oily feel. Not only do our Palm Wax Handmade Candles burn very clean, they do not emanate soot into the air, they also have the distinct advantage of a long burning time and have a crystallization look in the jar.

All our handmade candles are all custom made to order, allowing for the freshest product when it arrives at your doorstep!

Since all of our candles are made to order, you can order any scented candles at any time of the year!